A Good Representative

Several years ago, I was once hanging out with a good friend and it being a hot summer, we decided to have some ice-cream. I quickly suggested a well-known ice-cream store chain that was nearby, but my friend wasn’t interested. He said he had such a bad experience from that store that he’d never buy ice-cream from any of their outlets again. We settled for a different ice-cream store and he began to relate his nasty experience with the previous ice-cream outlet as we licked away our cold mounds of delight. I said to my friend “What you said is right, they shouldn’t have treated you that way and it makes perfect sense to be upset with them, but my question to you is ‘Do you think that the ice-cream company believes that such behavior is OK, or could it be that the staff was ignorant or untrained and made a mistake?’”. “Well”, he said, “It doesn’t matter to me because it was unfair to me and I have every right to not go there again”. Continue reading “A Good Representative”





The dictionary defines meditation as “The act of giving your attention to only one thing”, in other words when your undivided attention falls on or focuses on only one thing, you are meditating on that. How about that? If I were to channel all my undivided attention on God’s goodness, I would be meditating on God’s goodness likewise if I were to put all my attention to worrying about the future I would actually be meditating negatively about my future. Continue reading “Meditation”

What’s your Choice?


If you had to choose one, would you rather prefer ‘time at the beach’ or ‘a trek up the mountains’? Do you like ‘hot weather’ or ‘cold’? Would you rather read a book first or watch its movie first? These questions force us to think of the choices we have and upon reflecting we realize how different we are from one another in our thoughts and emotions. Continue reading “What’s your Choice?”

Understanding His Kingdom – Part 5

my grace is sufficient

After having understood the importance of making use of our faith in the kingdom of God and learning that God wants you to be a blessing to others so that you can share and spread the good news about the kingdom, we now come to an interesting principle of God’s kingdom. Continue reading “Understanding His Kingdom – Part 5”

Understanding His Kingdom – Part 4


God’s grace has made the provision and by faith we have access to this provision. [Romans 5:1-2] “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand”. This should be sufficient to get anyone started in the kingdom of God, knowing that God has provided all that we need for life and godliness [2 Peter 1:3] through His grace and that we can access these things needed for life and godliness by our faith. Continue reading “Understanding His Kingdom – Part 4”

Understanding His Kingdom – Part 3


Okay, God has enabled me through His Spirit to have His nature and characteristics. Now what? As we go further into understanding How God’s kingdom here on earth functions, we begin to see that we have an active role. God wouldn’t simply enable us to sit there and stare at the sky. He has a purpose for each one of us. The best thing that a person who is born again can do is to find his/her purpose God has for him/her here on earth. God doesn’t just reveal all His purposes and plans to us in a single shot, because that might overwhelm us, or it may get us so anxious that we might want to do it in our way or in our time. We need to continue walking after the Spirit after God has revealed a purpose to us. That doesn’t necessarily mean we sit back and wait for something to happen; instead, our heart is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His leading. Imagine the man Ananias, who prayed for Paul (then Saul) and he received his sight and was baptized [Acts 9:10-18]. To some, Ananias’ role might sound as insignificant. However, because of his availability to God, this man Saul was changed and transformed and became one of the most influential Christians that ever existed on this earth. So God could use you to start a revolution or be the revolution, all you need to do is to be sensitive to His plans. Continue reading “Understanding His Kingdom – Part 3”

Understanding His Kingdom – Part 2


In the last part, we saw how God has already established His kingdom here on earth in spirit form. We know that one day the Lord will return and establish His kingdom physically. We also saw that God poured out His Spirit on all flesh and anyone can receive His Spirit if he repents and turns back to God. When we receive God’s Spirit, He stays resident in us as He promised in [Matthew 28:20] “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”. He never departs and comes again and again departs and comes again. This is one of the differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. When we walk in the Spirit, we walk in God’s established Kingdom and God’s blessings and promises are manifested in our lives here on earth. This is why we have great miracles and healings taking place even today. When we walk in the flesh we walk according to the kingdom of the prince of darkness which is why Paul wrote to the Romans [Romans 7:18 – NKJV] “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells”. Walking “after the Spirit” is a lifestyle of “walking in the Spirit”. We don’t just visit God’s kingdom on weekends but we live in it every day. Continue reading “Understanding His Kingdom – Part 2”