Some of my favorite verses – 1

These are some of my favorite verses in Tag Cloud Art. I think they are pretty obvious but see if you can identify them. More to come….


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The Freedom Of Creativity


I recently came upon a post that discussed how creativity could be a burden. How the world is losing originality and needed more genuine and authentic creative ideas and those who needed to use creativity in their profession were having a hard time in exploring new territories. I respect the author of this post as this concerns his work and to an extent, I would also agree that a lot of recycled stuff is filling this world. We get to see a lot of new products, stories or ideas that aren’t really new; they are just the same old stuff in a new package. Continue reading “The Freedom Of Creativity”

Our bundle of joy

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Testimony – Deliverance From Deception

[Psalms 37:40 (NKJV)] “The Lord shall help them and deliver them. He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him.”


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Testimony – Mute Can Speak

[Luke 1:64 (NASB)] “And at once his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he began to speak in praise of God.”


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A Spiritual Embrace


Yesterday my little baby Grace and I had an awesome time with God. As we spent time in worship we were lost in His presence. I experienced God’s embrace through Grace’s tiny little hands as she held on to me. I saw a great peace upon her and immediately after that she slept peacefully though it wasn’t yet her time to sleep.

One of the songs we were listening to was a Hindi/English worship song ‘Yahweh’ which you can listen to by clicking on the song name. The lyrics and it’s meaning is given below.


Yahweh By Yeshua Band

Yahweh (6)                                                 

Jo tha kal jo hai aaj aur hamesha               — (He who was, who is and who will always be)

Yahweh (2)                                                

You are holy God almighty Worthy is the Lamb (2)

Worthy is the lamb (2)

Ho aashish aur aadar, mahima teri                 — (Blessing, honor and glory be unto you)

Hum Gaaye gungunaaye ek hi naam (2)        — (We sing, we croon about one name alone)

Yahweh (4)

Hallelujah I will sing

Glory to the king of kings (2)

Dear Mom and Dad

Mum n Dad-small

Dear Mom and Dad,

This I want to say to you
How much I love you.
When I look at days gone by
I can never forget how hard you’d try
How through the most difficult of days
Your love you showed us in so many ways.

We always felt safe and secure
even if the times were sore
You never let us feel lost
But worked hard and fought no matter the cost
You never thought of your own interest
But always sought to give us your best

Dad, you have always been an inspiration
Never giving up in any situation
How you’ve had to sacrifice
Providing for us came at a price
Though by many misunderstood
You were strong and withstood

Mom, your tender loving care
I just cannot compare
Working tirelessly through the day
Non-stop without a holiday
How it would break our heart
To see from your eyes a tear depart.

And maybe there were times that went
Things were said that were never meant
When I look back I can only say
Wish life gave a chance to ‘replay’
But come what may, we’re there beside you
We love you so much and you know it’s true.

And what inspires us the most
And this definitely deserves a toast
You’ve stuck together
In good and bad weather
It’s been a long fifty years now
Since you both first took your vow.

Life’s not been easy t’was tough
But together you’ve shown us sure enough
That when we’re there for each other
Come sun or rain it won’t matter
As each others hands you hold
See how silver has turned to gold.

Happy 50th Anniversary celebrations!