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Are you quick to listen and slow to speak?

James 1 v19-20

For a very long time, I found it very hard to resolve certain conflicts that I got into. Sometimes I felt “What’s the point?” and would resign myself to think that the other person would never understand. He or she is different and I am different and they have no clue what’s in my head or in my heart and I don’t intend to spend eternity explaining that to them. I believed that was one area of my life where I was the weakest and I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to dig deeper into this area ever. I’d rather talk about something else. Continue reading “Are you quick to listen and slow to speak?”

Some of my favorite verses – 1

These are some of my favorite verses in Tag Cloud Art. I think they are pretty obvious but see if you can identify them. More to come….


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Kingdom Culture 1: Victory is already here.

The mind of Christ (given to a believer) has an eternal perspective. Victory has already been achieved!

Carol Gossman

Before the world began, God had you in mind and He had designed a plan for you to be victorious. God brought you and me into the world at the perfect time to fulfil a destiny that had been predetermined to succeed. In the book of Revelations, Jesus is described as the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world. In other words, before God started the world that we call home, He put in place the things that would ensure its success. We think of Jesus being crucified in the year AD 33 or there about. But in fact before time began, Jesus and the Father had a conversation in which the crucifixion was determined. Outside of time, Jesus was sacrificed so that when God started the clock the end was already a foregone conclusion. It is a rigged race! There can be no other outcome but…

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IID needs your support

Students enjoying a photo shoot

With no aim in life
Busy contending with strife
Here you are lighting a spark
With a hope to get us out of the dark


Graduating Students


Now here’s a chance
In life to advance
And maybe some day
This grief will allay


Graduating Students

Misery, be gone
Welcome new dawn
Goodbye poverty
Hello liberty!



Students on a business trip

This has been the song in the hearts of many that have been touched and transformed by IID. Continue reading “IID needs your support”

Two laws against each other

The Lord reminded me of this and so I’d like to reblog it and He’s also speaking to me strongly about an area in my life which would be the topic of my next post. Thank You Lord, You are so wonderful.



I was taught about sin a very long time before I was born again, however that didn’t create a desire in me to seek God. I simply felt God was an unapproachable Holy God who would probably be wasting His time on me if He spent any. I felt that I was simply not cut out for a life of sainthood and holy things. If ever I heard about someone’s amazing experience with God, I would just shrug my shoulders and think “too bad that can’t be me”.

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