Come My Beloved

You are beautiful.
You are precious to me.
No words can express my love for you

I long for you.
I wait patiently for you.
Nothing can hide my affections for you.

We are meant to be one.
We are meant to be always together.
No one can separate you from me

You are always on my mind
My lips continually call out your name.
No one can understand what it feels like.

My heart beats for you.
You are my passionate desire.
Nothing else matters more to me.

You are my beloved.
In you I’m well pleased.
Come ! I have prepared a place for you.

I have loved you
With an everlasting love
Come ! My beloved, I will betroth you to me forever

You are all fair my love
And there is no spot in you
Come ! Take the water of life freely


Christ In Me


I’m here just as I am to worship you
I’m here just as you have called me

Called to send me to your people
Called to preach the gospel to them

To speak in new tongues
To lay hands on the sick

That the sick be healed
That the dead be raised

For your kingdom to reign
For your love to be proclaimed

That God so loved the world
That He gave His only begotten son.

Whosoever shall believe will not perish
Whosoever shall believe will have eternal life

They might know what eternal life is
They might know the only true God and His son Jesus

How He bestowed His love upon us
How He calls us sons of God

So that we can love one another
So that we can live as one.

Herein lies the secret
Herein unfolds the mystery

He and me, now one flesh
He and me, now one Spirit

Christ who became our victory
Christ became our unity

No longer do I now thirst
No longer am I in want

It’s the life that I now live
It’s Christ who now dwells in me


Heartfelt Thanks


The thoughts are many
But words so few
With feelings a plenty
To describe you.

Like a breath of fresh air
And colors of hue
The love and care
You shared was so true.

Thanks for the song
that lightened up our hearts
And games that went along
With dance and arts

We learnt about your nation
Yourself and your folks
You’re God’s amazing creation
And this ain’t a hoax.

We wish you well
As God goes with you
His plans are swell
With rewards anew

It’s hard to say adieu
B’cos its especially so true
How time just flew
Hey, We already miss you!


My Hymn To Him


The Lord is my provider [Genesis 22:14]
There is nothing that I lack
He makes me ride
On the high places of the earth [Isaiah 58:14]

He brings upon me
Times of refreshing [Acts 3:19]
And my heart rejoices in Him
Because I trust His name [Psalms 33:21]

I thank my God
For He brings me victory
Through His Son Lord Jesus Christ [1 Corinthians 15:57]
For He is always with me
Even till the end of time [Matthew 28:20]

I am His and He is mine [Song of Songs 6:3]
For He has given me His Spirit
And He abides in me [1 John 3:24]
He laid down His life for me [1 John 3:16]
That I may live through Him [1 John 4:9]

And this is the confidence I have in Him
That He hears my daily prayer [1 John 5:14]
So that I reign in life
By the abundance of His grace
And His gift of righteousness [Romans 5:17]

For I am His beloved son
In whom He is well pleased [Mark 1:11]
And He has chosen me [John 15:19]
To destroy the work of the enemy [1 John 3:8]
And live to be more than a conqueror [Romans 8:37]


Beautiful One



Merry Christmas to all !



 You are the Lord

You are the Lord2f2


My home and family

I promise, as you enter
Love, peace and joy in my home
What I have with me, may not be good for many
But I know that for me, it’s more than plenty.

Blessed to be chosen to be with my family
Knowing there are many in this lonely world
Who long for this treasure, I have with me
Through this my home and family

Though the one whom I call father
Never knew me, until I got here
And the one they say is my mother
Never saw a child in her womb

Yet, I see myself blessed to be loved by all
Knowing there are many in this lonely world,
Who long for the love that I receive daily
From this my home and family

My brother may not know how to sing and write
Though they tell me, he never will all his life
But he is blessed in many more ways than me
For he can see what my eyes long to see

Yes, I am blessed to be counted among my own
Knowing there are many in this lonely world
Who long for their own, 
But my Lord has indeed blessed me
With this my home and family


I was inspired to write these few lines after a visit to a Christian Home for the 
destitute called “SSSmile Village” in Kerala, India ( 
The warm welcome we received from the children, youth and adults, 
their genuine joy and cheerfulness filled my heart as I cherish those moments.


risenHallelujah ! He’s risen

Hallelujah ! He’s risen
I’m set free from this prison
Hosanna! to the king of kings
Joy abounding he brings
Emmanuel. God is with us
Know Him and find His purpose
Maranatha! Our Lord has come
Sin and death He has overcome

So I lift up my voice
I’ll shout and rejoice!
He has made me free
Celebrate this victory
Power and authority
He’s given to me

When He cried “It is finished”
His work was accomplished
Now seated at the right hand
He wants me to understand
It’s done, it’s complete
Satan ‘s now dead meat
Death where is your sting
Unarmed by the King

So I lift up my voice
I’ll shout and rejoice!
He has made me free
Celebrate this victory
Power and authority
He’s given to me

Now He calls me His son
Tells me I’m the one
To declare the good news
Tell the people to choose
Make Jesus their Savior
See victory not failure
Life’s sweet not sour
When you see His power

So I lift up my voice
I’ll shout and rejoice!
He has made me free
Celebrate this victory
Power and authority
He’s given to me.



Conversation with God

I asked my Lord, feeling dismayed
In Your palm, You created me
Fearfully and wonderfully I was made
Why then Lord, my own brothers deserted me?

No one knew my own despair
Set out to work with all my flair
Sweat and toil throughout the day
Why weren’t You there along the way?

My friends had me betrayed
Hurtfully the price I paid
As I then began to ponder
My thoughts hopelessly began to wander

Realizing I never gave You my heart
I accepted You as my Savior and King
My sinfulness from me, did You part
Filling me with Your grace so amazing

Then lovingly, my Lord You said
I created you to be My heir
I brought You up, My word to spread
Your brothers had left, but I was there

You grew up in My love and care
Pleased with you, I gifted you
But you set out on your own affair
Without seeking me, you followed through

You came to me with all your heart
You accepted me, as your Savior and King
I eagerly waited for your new life to start
Like a child to me you would cling

You moved along on the road ahead
Doing what you thought would please Me
My child, listen to me instead
I’ve done it all and that’s the key

Now I desire for you to learn
Between flesh and spirit you’d discern
That you should go forth into the land
Fulfilling the purpose for you I planned.



Saved By Faith

They cast me out of my hometown
I am now looked upon with frown
To a place of loneliness and destitution
Far away from my own institution.

My people have declared me unclean
I feel so despised, how utterly mean
However did I contract this disease
Leprosy has brought me to my knees.

I come from a village of Samaria
About this curse, I have no idea
No longer can I reveal my disfigured face
To my brethren I am now a disgrace.

As I move from home away
I see what looks, to my dismay
A group of Jews heading this way.
sbf2I think to myself, let me run and hide
But find myself wanting to decide
How can this disease so coincide.

Reluctantly, they speak to me
I find they are no different from me
Sharing with me, the same agony.

I take courage, with them to speak
Maybe friendship is what I seek
‘Galilee’ their home they shriek.

Added to their group, the tenth
Me and the nine, we talk at length
Of days gone by, when we had strength.

Speaks one of them, “This is the end
Leprosy and hunger will contend
Until one of them, our spirit befriend.”

Crying out, “There is a way”.
Says one of them “To the Prophet, let us pray”
The Messiah, He is called by one and all
Healer of sinners, big and small.

His name is Jesus and they say
Towards Jerusalem, He’ll pass by this way
Then all of them, with one voice aloud
Shouting to God, they prayed and vowed.
sbf3“Please save us Lord from all our wretchedness,
No longer to abide in this sickness
Your Messiah to us, we plead You send
Once healed, our ways we promise to mend”

Then in the distance we see a sight,
Is it true, the end of our plight?
Jesus and his disciples are here
Are we so worthy to approach Him near?.

So from a distance, we shout honors
“Jesus, Master, have mercy upon us.”
His gaze unto us, feels like a gentle breeze
We bow before Him and fall to our knees.

This blissful peace, we feel in our heart
As from his lips the words depart
“Show yourselves to the priests” His advice
While onto Jerusalem he journeyed to pay the price.

Then as we discuss the words He said
One of them with a question in his head
A visit to the priests, we are told to pay
What about our healing, why the delay?
sbf4How then would the priests react
to see us lepers, a disobedient act
Must not we wait till we be healed
And then His glory be revealed.

Then as if from my heart so deep
Came words from my mouth that seemed to leap
Brothers, did not we sense, in Him salvation
Then who are we to doubt His instruction

Pray, to His words, let us be obedient
Maybe this disease is only transient
So we make our way to the temple priests
Hoping soon we’ll celebrate the feasts.

Journeying on, as we start our walk
Lo and behold, we are engulfed with shock
It’s a miracle, we are cleansed to the bone
No longer any traces, of the disease we once have known.
sbf5We are now healed and purified
Oh thank you Lord, be glorified.
Running away, to the priests to be seen
My brothers all nine, hasten to be called ‘clean’.

I lag behind them on their track
Something within me, holds me back
What joy it is to be finally healed
Oh Master! God’s glory in You is concealed.
And for His deeds unto my wretched self
In gratitude I run to the Master Himself.

Singing Praise to God with all my might
This light upon me shines so bright
I approach the Master to give him praise
I fall at his feet and thank Him for His grace.
sbf6Then my Lord tells me to rise.
He says to me, my faith has been my prize
Because of which I am not only healed
But also made whole In Christ and sealed.

Jesus healed the 10 lepers and only 1 returned to thank Him.
The poem is in perspective of the one who returned to give thanks to Jesus.


I thirstI Thirst

Entrusted with your work I came Father                                          [John 9:4]
Be it done, not my will, but yours rather!                                    [Luke 22:42]
To give You glory, I put Your will first                                              [John 17:4]
Now as I lie here on this Cross, I thirst                                          [John 19:28]

They bound and scourged me, gave me this cross        [Matthew 27:26]
Abused and humiliated, I carried it across                                 [John 19:17]
Whatever I taught, they rejected and cursed      [Luke 17:25, Gal 3:13]
Now it’s the ninth hour, truly I thirst                                            [John 19:28]

A humble and contrite heart is Your desire                         [Psalms 51:17]
But wealth of this world they wish to acquire                          [Luke 18:23]
Forgive them Father, for paths they wrongly traversed    [Luke 23:34]
That they may receive My Spirit, I thirst           [John 20:22, John 19:28]

I came here to dwell according to Your will                                  [John 6:38]
Departing from You, Your word to fulfill                                    [John 17:12]
Now separated from You, in suffering immersed                  [Luke 24:46]
Victory for each of them is all I thirst. [1 Corinthians 15:57, John 19:28]

To release them from guilt and shame                                        [Romans 8:1]
Carried this cross to bear the same                                                [John 19:17]
And free them from their sins, even the worst                    [Romans 6:18]
Their liberty Father, I long and thirst. [2 Corinthians 3:17, John 19:28]

Soon I know I will be again with You                                     [John 17:11, 13]
I pray for them their minds to renew                                         [Romans 12:2]
That they may know their true identity                                   [Romans 8:16]
To take possession of their authority                                                 [Luke 9:1]
And know the curses are all reversed                                    [Galatians 3:13]
This knowledge unto them I thirst                                                  [John 19:28]


The Man of Parables

He spoke in parables thru the land
Some rejected and some did believe
The believers would one day understand
But the others would never perceive

As His words rang into their ears
Through His clear and simple stories
Many were touched and brought to tears
Displaying the abundance of God’s glories

Be like a lamp that shines its light
So that darkness would never remain
Not like the rich fool whose soul leaves tonight
He stored plenty of goods and grain

But His words they seldom understood
Because their minds were always in a lock
He told them that how a wise man should
Build his house on a foundation of rock

New cloth upon new garment is sewn
So it should not tear from within
For storing wine it is well known
How new wine goes into new wineskin

He began to speak against the Pharisees
That caused their blood to boil
And told of the sower and his seeds
Some of which grew well on fertile soil

And what about the Samaritan so good
Who saw a man lying robbed and bruised
And felt that as his duty should
Nurse his wounds and the blood that oozed.

God’s kingdom is like a mustard seed, He said
A treasure, a man hid in a field,
Like a precious pearl, Like leaven bread
And like good treasure in the heart concealed

The loving father accepting his son with a leap
Tho he wasted his inheritance on wild pleasure
Like a Shepherd, who searches his lost sheep
Jesus looks for us, we are indeed His treasure


Is 6:9-10
You will keep on hearing, but will not understand
You will keep on seeing, but will not perceive
For the heart of this people has become dull
With their ears they scarcely hear
and they have closed their eyes



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