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Hi. I’m Delon. My life has been totally transformed after I personally encountered Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I have a wonderful relationship with Him and all I can ever do is to praise Him for everything little thing He does in my life. I used to struggle all the time in life because I used to follow a religion called Christianity but now I have left that behind and because of my relationship with God, he has taught me to flow in His grace and life is not a struggle anymore. In fact I am excited about my time here on earth and I would like to share my experiences and encounters with anyone interested in knowing God.  

I am married to Sylvia, who is the best wife in the world and I believe God handpicked her for me. I am grateful to Him for our wonderful marriage that keeps getting better each day because of His rich love and presence in our life. We have a beautiful daughter, Grace, who is the apple of our eyes. My hearts desire is to speak about God to anyone and share with them the wonderful truths he has revealed to me. I will be sharing my life and experiences through this blog, come join me in this journey. I would love to hear your comments.

I work for an NGO called IIDA (Intermission Industrial Development Association) which aims at training the under-privileged with vocational skills that can help them secure a job or start something of their own so that they no longer are dependent on others. If you appreciate this kind of work and/or would like to contribute in any way you can contact us at the website (http://iida-india.org/) or write to me. Thank You.

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Delon,
    I am from Guyana. We have our ancestry dated back to India since 1835. I became a Christ-follower at the age of ten. I do not know Hindi, but I am so drwn to this song that I tried to get the English translation and so happened upon your site. Delon, I praise God for you and Sylvia. Continue both, to love each other and be an example to the body. May God use your music to bless generations!

    Vedawattie Ram

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  2. How wonderful to read a fellow christian praise Him! Thank you for being my first official blog visitor. A historical moment 🙂


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