So Good

There was no beauty in you
Your friends were few
One of them betrayed you
Rejected by many who were related
Scorned by the educated
Yet you loved those who were hated

What others saw as a mess
They came to you to confess
You gave them a ‘Yes’
You took away their strife
And gave them new life
By being their Christ

Saying you are the way
They chose to disobey
And went away
You wanted them to stay
they weren’t okay
And plotted everyday

You offered them the true bread
They turned on you instead
And wanted you dead
So your arms you spread
And on the cross you bled
‘It is finished’ you said

Your plan did not conclude
And death you subdued
Resurrection would prelude
A life for us renewed
Completing what you should
Oh Jesus! That was so good.


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