Testimony – Deliverance From Deception

[Psalms 37:40 (NKJV)] “The Lord shall help them and deliver them. He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him.”


Shalini a poor young woman who earns a living by cooking meals for households is married and has 2 children: a 3 year old boy – Saras and a 5 year old girl – Yashashree. They are facing financial difficulties, health issues regarding her son and she happened to speak to Sylvia about her daughter who is a very sweet & adorable little girl, however she sometimes behaves weird. She talks to herself when alone (which might not seem weird) and when questioned about it, she says that she talks to someone. Her mother found out that she says that she has conversations with God, however her mother was not peaceful about it. She was able to reveal this to Sylvia only because it so happened that one day Shalini’s mother was having terrible pain in her legs, when asked her mother said that she keeps having this pain frequently.

We both prayed for her mother and she instantly saw the pain disappear completely. She was pain free and began praising God. That’s when Shalini opened up about her daughter. We told her that we would like to meet her daughter and asked Shalini to get her along some day. One week later She brought her daughter to us and I began asking little Yashashree some questions trying to figure out whether she knew who she was supposedly talking to what kind of things was that supposed person telling her. It all looked pretty harmless, she told me that God was talking to her and said that He will take care of her and if there was anything she needed she could ask him and He will give it to her. Until I found out from her mother that sometimes at school she would pick up some other child’s belongings and bring it home. When asked about it she would say that God told her that since she needed that thing she could go ahead and pick it up from the other child. Now I understood the demonic force behind this trying to disguise itself as God and ruin this family [2 Corinthians 11:14 NKJV “Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light”]. I then began to talk to this girl about God and his nature and his love and he would not put anyone else in difficulty to satisfy one person’s need. She listened very intently and seemed to understand what I was telling her. Later I told her mother that we would pray for the little girl. We laid hands on her and prayed over her rebuking every demonic spirit within her and casting it out. We did not see any weird manifestations, but instead she had a pleasant smile at the end. We told her not to worry and that God is really there for her but that she needs to find out about God through the Bible. While leaving our house she began to tell her mother that she was feeling nice after listening to what I said to her about God.

A few days later I visited Shalini’s house and met her husband too, he was an atheist but gave Shalini the freedom to follow whatever faith she chose. Shalini heard about Jesus but through a very legalistic church that emphasized that she would have to leave her traditions, customs and even change their names in order to accept Christ. She was confused and didn’t want to take such a step. At the right time God brought us into her life so that we could give them the gospel which I did that day and shared my own testimony along with a friend who shared her testimony too. It was a wonderful time we had with the family, I learnt that little Yashashree was delivered from her weird behaviour and was very peaceful now. We praised God and as we were about to leave the house, Shalini’s husband told me “If God will take care of the health and finances of my family, I am willing to believe in such a God”.

Praise God for such a wonderful change of heart where at one instant Shalini’s husband did not believe in the existence of God and moments later he is willing to declare not only that he exists but that he is willing to put his faith in him. Also praise God for the deliverance of little Yashashree from the demonic forces that were deceiving and misleading her.

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