Testimony – Mute Can Speak

[Luke 1:64 (NASB)] “And at once his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he began to speak in praise of God.”


In my previous testimony post “Awoken from Coma”, I had mentioned about how a man was brought out of coma and began getting healed of paralysis by my friend Raphael. Well soon after Raphael shared this testimony with me he had to return to work at Abu Dhabi. But I got the chance to speak at length with him and tell him about God’s plans for him to see more healings take place in his life. Since he was new to being used by God to heal, I had to share with him the word of God about healing and how it is God’s will. He was excited and eager to work for the kingdom of God. A couple of weeks later (i.e. roughly 10 days ago) I received an email from him saying that he received the news that all of a sudden his brother Anthony who is in Pune is not well. He mentioned to me that he did not have any strength to do anything or lift anything and moreover he was unable to speak. So Raphael asked me to visit him and pray for his healing.

So I went to visit Anthony where he lives with his sister and niece, when I saw him he recognized me but he was unable to speak he found it a huge struggle to even get a sound out of his mouth. I knew Anthony because of knowing Raphael’s family and had interacted with him very briefly on a few occasions. He was always a reserved person with very few words. Well I tried to ask him a few questions and see if he could reply to me by writing. He took the pen and started to scribble on the paper but wasn’t able to write anything. If you saw it you would think a 2-year-old child had scribbled on that piece of paper. He could grip the pen very well but I think his mind was blank and he could not think nor focus and didn’t know what to write. I asked him to reply yes or no by nodding and shaking his head. Through that I came to know that this attack happened all of a sudden one afternoon just after he had gone downstairs to a nearby area and met a friend. He doesn’t remember anything about the meeting nor could reveal anything to come to any conclusion. So I was not sure if something was done to him or not, he did not have any wounds or injuries nor any signs of physical damage.

Anyway I took hold of Anthony’s hands (and they were very cold), I told him to look me in the eye and I spoke of God’s love for him. The Holy Spirit told me to tell him “God wants you to forget your past completely and that you are going to have a new life going forward where God will use you. You will no longer feel unworthy or useless but will live an abundant life”. Then I told  him “Right now at this moment God is pouring out His love into your heart” Though his hands were still cold, I could feel a change in him he was smiling. I asked if he was feeling anything in his heart he nodded, then I asked if he felt a warm sensation again he nodded. Then I commanded his tongue to be loosed and for the mute spirit & the spirit of confusion to leave him in Jesus name. I spoke the life of God upon him. After I finished praying for him, I began to talk to him, I told him to thank Jesus because he has already healed you and has a great plan for him. He looked happy. I told him to speak, he tried to make some sounds in the beginning, then I told him to repeat certain words, he struggled but now garbled sounds were coming out more easily. I told him that just be thankful, the healing has already happened. I was there for a short while longer and by the end of my visit already Anthony began to say some more words very clearly. I would say that he moved from 0% to 5% in his ability to speak. I told his sister that all his speech will return back very soon and I left. A week later I called his sister and she was excited, she said that Anthony is now speaking a lot more. She told me that his speaking ability would now be at 80% and she was confident that it would soon get to 100%, we both praised God for such an awesome miracle and testimony.


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