Awoken From Coma – Testimony

[Mark 16:17-18 NKJV] “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


It’s a pleasure to share this testimony of a friend who was actually the first person Sylvia and I led to Christ. His name is Raphael and he considers us as his spiritual parents though in age he is elder to us. He asked me to share this to as many to glorify the name of Jesus so here goes:

Raphael was on an assignment to Abu Dhabi where he works for an oil company. One day at work he heard about a report of one of his colleagues who was a supervisor. This guy suddenly collapses while at work and is rushed to hospital. Raphael has only heard of the incident and has no idea about the details, he is occupied with his work and they have a deadline to meet. Once the project is complete, the management calls for a meeting of the staff of the project and most of the staff (who are on contract basis) are instructed that they will be returning back home as per contract clauses. Raphael too is to return back to India where he will look for another contract to continue working. At the end of the meeting the general manager invites Raphael for a discussion and tells him that he would like to assign an important responsibility before he returns. He tells him that the colleague who collapsed at work is still in hospital and since that day has been in coma. The doctors have given up hope and say that the next of kin needs to called so that the next steps can be taken. So the general manager tells Raphael that he needs to speak to his family and get his next of kin and make preparations to do what is needed.

Raphael then visits the hospital and gets to know from the doctors the details and is told by them that they have now given up hope for his colleague who is in the ICU. So Raphael sits next to his bed and the Holy Spirit begans to speak to him and invokes a compassion for him. He is moved by the spirit to pray for him and lays his hand on him and prays, then leaves and returns back to India, meets this guys family, and takes along his first cousin who travels with Raphael back to Abu Dhabi. When he takes him to the hosptal once again Raphael is moved to lay hands on his colleague again and pray in front of his cousin. Immediately nothing visible happens but later that day his colleague came out of coma. Here was the cousin ready with permission from the rest of the family to get the doctor to pull the plug off his life and the same day he has awoken from coma. When he sees Raphael he whispers into his hears “Jesus never fails”. Apparently the colleague and his family aren’t Christians but this guy had heard about Christ. The company asked Raphael to make arrangements for this guy to be sent back to his home and here Raphael sees more of the Holy Spirit at work. Initially reluctant to make all provisions for sending him back the company wants to get rid of this guy, but Raphael through the intervention of the Holy Spirit makes sure that appropriate measures are taken for a safe and convenient ride back. All their resistance vanishes into thin air and they make provisions according to what Raphael tells them. At this stage his colleague is now out of coma but is paralyzed and Raphael continues to daily pray and soon his right side begins to respond. He is now being sent on a chartered plane to his home with his left side still paralyzed and not responding.

When he reaches home, all of his family members have arrived at his place and are in awe, Raphael explains to the family that Jesus healed and saved him. This man is only able to let out a few words out of his mouth which all can hear and confirms “Jesus healed me. Praise God”. Raphael then in the presence of all family members prays for his left side in the name of Jesus and returns back to his home. The next day he gets a call from his sister that he has started moving his left leg. Praise God for the way he is working in this man’s life and as I believe in the lives of the family members too as they now believe in the power of the name of Jesus.

This is as far as things have progressed and the last few incidents have happened just a day ago. I believe the Lord will continue to do more wonderful things in this family and they will know who Jesus is. But I am also in awe of how the Holy Spirit led Raphael to pray for his healing because this was a new area for him which he was totally ignorant of. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain that binds your life. Amen.


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