Faith – 2 (Faith, Doubt And Unbelief)

Today we continue with the series on Faith and this time we examine what Faith Doubt and Unbelief is.



Faith is the ability to believe and trust with all your heart, something that may or may not necessarily be proven, but stands for a truth. There are essentially 2 kinds of faith.

Human faith: Believing in the truth as informed to us by our 5 senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Actions post taking a step of human faith has the potential to fail or disappoint. You can exercise human faith while:
• Believing that a chair you can see will support your weight.
• Believing no other vehicle will crash into you while driving when the traffic light is green.
• Believing that someone will be a top artist after listening to his/her excellent music skills.
•  Believing that the food tastes delicious because it smells good.
• Believing that some clothing would be comfortable because of how the fabric feels.

Supernatural Faith: To believe in the truth according to God. How does one know what is this truth? Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life [John 14:6]. It is a gift from God given to anyone who is seeking Him with a true heart [Romans 10:17]. Believe in Jesus and have God’s supernatural faith. Actions post taking a step of supernatural faith never disappoints nor fails. It is the adulteration of supernatural faith with doubt or unbelief that leads to disappointment or failure.
You can exercise supernatural faith while:
• Accepting the forgiveness of your sins.
• Believing God has granted you eternal life.
• Believing for a physical, mental or emotional healing.
• Expecting the restoration of a relationship.


Knowing the truth but not believing it either in part or full. You can exercise doubt while:
• Knowing God heals sickness but not believing that it is His will for you to be healed.
• Knowing God has forgiven sins but believing that it applies to the smaller sins and not one or more of the bigger sins.
• Knowing God has a good plan for your future but not being sure about it looking at the way your life is going.
• Knowing God is good, but believing He can do atrocious things or believing that atrocious things are done by God but because God is doing we are OK with it .


Not knowing the truth completely or mixing wrong beliefs with the truth. Basically believing in something else (or simply believing “un” or believing something wrong). You can exercise unbelief while:
• Thinking that God does not exist.
• Refusing to believe in the birth, the death and/or the resurrection of Jesus.
• Believing that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not in operation today.
• Believing that miracles do not happen.
• Believing that a sign or a problem is bigger than God.

Faith, doubt and unbelief can co-exist in a person’s life. This is shown by the disciples of Jesus who exercised faith and they were able to cast of demons and heal sicknesses [Luke 9:6], but they also exercised unbelief [Matthew 17:20, Mark 6:6, 16:14] and doubt [Matthew 14:31]. All that you need is a mustard seed size of faith (supernatural faith) to move mountains and uproot trees [Matthew 17:20, Luke 17:6]

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