Faith – 1

I have written about Faith in several of my posts, so I thought I’d just collate them together in a sort of series for anyone wanting to have a look at it together. So all of the content you see in this series is available in several of my earlier posts but because they are quite old it would take you time to find them. I have chosen the starry night background that you see for this topic for a reason which you will get to know a couple of posts later in this series. If you’ve read my very old posts on faith then you will already be knowing why. I hope you find this useful.


It is God’s will for us to live in his blessings, prosperity, healing, love, joy, peace, abundance of life etc. How then do we see these promises come to pass in our life? One very important aspect to remember is that God is a Spirit [John 4:24] and God has done all that He had to do through Jesus and because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross, we now have all these promises that are given to us in our spirit. The moment we accept Jesus as our Savior we receive the Holy Spirit as He promised, and the Holy Spirit now dwells in us. To see these promises manifesting into our lives we need to exercise our faith in Him. Yes our faith is the key in unlocking all these treasures into our lives; the provision has already been made, the only thing remaining is the receiving of it, which is our part which happens through our faith.

Unfortunately most people have a much distorted view of faith, they think of it as something that comes and goes or increases and decreases and therefore they are always asking God for more faith, more love, more power etc. whereas God has already given us all that we need for life and godliness [2 Peter 1:3]. We need to understand what Jesus meant when He said that we just need faith like the size of a mustard seed [Matthew 17:20]. God has given each of us the measure of faith [Romans 12:3]; we do not need any more faith. However besides faith I guess all of us also have some unbelief in us and this is what hinders our faith.

Let me explain with an example. Years ago I used a certain cordless phone, but then there was a period of time when I stopped using it and it was kept in my cupboard for a long time, now I had forgotten to take out the batteries from this phone. It must have been nearly a year when I took out that cordless phone with the intention of using it again. When I switched it on it would not work. I thought to myself the batteries must be dead so I took out the batteries, bought a new set of batteries and inserted them into the battery compartment. When I switched it on again it still would not work, I found out that the battery terminals were corroded because of battery leakage during the time when the phone was not in use. Though I had purchased a new set of batteries which had all the power that was needed to switch on the phone, yet because of the corroded terminals it’s power could not pass on to the circuit of the cordless phone. In the same way we have faith but most people think we don’t have enough, but that is not true. We have all the faith needed just as there was enough power in the new battery, but our unbelief corrodes our heart in the same way as the battery terminals were corroded and therefore the power of our faith becomes ineffective. All I had to do for the cordless was to get the terminals cleaned and then it was able to receive power from the batteries. It’s not so instant when it comes to cleaning the unbelief that we have over time allowed to accumulate in our lives.


We got to understand that having unbelief does not mean we do not have faith. In [Matthew 17:14-21] Jesus explained to his disciples why they were not able to cast out the demon from the son of the man who brought him to them, At this point, the disciples certainly had faith in Jesus and knew they had the authority to cast out demons because they did so earlier when they were commissioned by Jesus [Matthew 10:8] with success too [Luke 10:17]. However, note that Jesus told them that they were not able to cast out the demon in [Matthew 17:20] because of their unbelief. Therefore faith and unbelief co-exist in us. So when we want our faith to win in the battle between our faith and our unbelief, instead of asking God for more faith, we would do better to starve our unbelief so that it cannot grow and eventually dies out. Think of it as if you owned two strong bulls; the name of one was ‘faith’ and the name of the other was ‘unbelief’ and they were pitted against each other in a bull fight a week later. What would you do so that faith would win? Instead of trying to make ‘faith’ extremely strong beyond normal limits, it would be easier to just starve ‘unbelief’ so that he grows weak and on the day of the fight, ‘faith’ would easily win because ‘unbelief’ became so weak that he was no match.

Now whenever we are faced with a situation, let’s say for example you need to be healed of a migraine, since Jesus gave us the authority to heal, you just need to speak to the mountain and command it to be removed [Mark 11:23], therefore command your migraine to get out in Jesus name. What you are doing is just agreeing with the Word of God and standing on God’s promise for you to be healed. Now since God has promised it, and this is already a done deal in the spirit, so believe after you have commanded the migraine to get out that you are healed, it may take a while for it to manifest into the physical realm. So even if you are still experiencing the headache after you have commanded the migraine to get out, you got to stand on what is already accomplished in the spirit rather than dwell on what appears in the physical realm. This does not mean you deny that you have a headache but rather you are activating what you perceive in the spirit. It’s more or less like seeing the glass half full of water than seeing it half empty. Essentially what you are doing is that you see the promise of God that is already spoken by God Himself in the Spirit and you now trust what you see in the spirit realm than what you experience in the physical realm. This is known as walking in the Spirit as against walking in the flesh [Galatians 5:16].

To stand on God’s promises means to first know what His Word promises, then to believe in those promises and next to trust that God is faithful to His promises and He will never let us down. If we can get hold of this truth then no matter what circumstance you are in, no matter what is your need, whether prosperity, protection, deliverance or healing, you need to stand on the promise of God vocalizing the spiritual truth rather than speak unbelief by stating the circumstance in the physical. You need your faith to be tenacious, that means no matter what your senses or intellect tell you, you are going to rely not on them but on your faith i.e. on the promises of the Word of God. This way your faith enables these promises of God to be manifested from the spiritual to the physical realm and you will see your promise of healing, prosperity, deliverance etc. come to pass.

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