Thank you for Grace



Dear Father God
You got us awed
How from above
You showered your love.

Loving Dad in heaven
How you have given
Abundant joy to us
Satisfying us thus.

We are the apple of your eye
That is how we know why
When difficult times come by
You never want to see us cry.

Whenever we pray to you
You look at our face
And without a clue
You give us Grace.

We thank you for this gift
Your name on high we lift
To bring honour and glory
And tell her your story.

Lord to you, we dedicate our baby
And promise to teach Grace
To say ‘Yes’ to you and not maybe
And always seek your face.

She will be our treasure
And this needs no ceremony
And it will be our pleasure
To speak of this testimony.

She will know you Lord
That’ll be her reward
Her life will be in Christ
Knowing his love sufficed.

Thank you Daddy God
For all you have given
You deserve our applaud
You heard our petition.


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