Original Sin

What is Original Sin?

Is it about Adam and Eve rebelling against God?

No. They never sincerely rebelled. How?

Did they hate God? No.

Did they not want to have a relationship with God? No.

Did they have a desire to do evil? No.

There was no evil back then so they did not have an example of evil to desire it.


How did the temptation take place?

It was through deception.

What was the deception?

That if they would eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,

They would possess the knowledge of good and evil and become like God.


What would that mean?

That would mean that they would not need to depend upon God to know good and evil.

Is it bad to know good and evil? No.

Then why did God withdraw from them?

By choosing to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,

They would no longer need God’s help to know good and bad.

In other words they would be self-reliant or self-dependent and not God-reliant or God-dependent.

God does not force or impose himself on people without their desire so he withdrew.


This, friends, has been the original problem or original sin.

Today when people try to be self-reliant instead of being God-reliant,

They are going back to what Adam and Eve did in the first place.

But when you have God’s Spirit in you He never withdraws from you.

Just know that he won’t force you to do anything,

But it’s wisdom to depend on him and go by his leading.

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