Crushing Satan under our feet

“The God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly” [Romans 16:20 – NKJV]


Did you know all kinds of temptations are an opportunity to crush Satan under your feet and glorify Jesus? So whenever you are faced with a temptation ‘Rejoice!’ because here is an invitation to do just what God wants you to do and you are not alone, His Holy Spirit is with you to help you.

Last night I suddenly awoke with the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced all my life. I was almost in tears and wanted to howl because my hand and specifically my palm was experiencing an unbearable pain. My fist was clenched very tight and I could not open it. I mean it was a mammoth effort for me to loosen one finger from my clenched wrist. It took me whole of five minutes to loosen that one finger, and slowly I started working on the other fingers finally after 15 whole minutes I was able to free all my fingers from the clenched fist position. However the pain didn’t subside.  At that instant several thoughts ran through head : I need to go see a doctor first thing tomorrow, I need to take leave from work (incidentally being end of financial year, the next few days at work is very important for me), I need some medication to ease the pain, I may be handicapped for the next few days…… there’s nothing wrong with these thoughts entering my head because in the physical realm they seemed to be the due course I was heading. Yet I chose to rebuke these thoughts and bringing them into captivity to the obedience of Christ [2 Corinthians 10:4-5]. I was reminded by God’s word of the spiritual truth about myself and chose to dwell on it. The first thing I did is rebuked Satan for bringing this upon me, next I commanded the pain in my hand to leave, then I was reminded of God’s word that Satan is a defeated enemy who is crushed under our feet. As soon as I reflected on these things, I was filled with Joy (which dwells in me as a fruit of the Spirit [Galatians 5:22]). I began to acknowledge God’s love for me and found myself praising God and exalting the name of Jesus. Just a few hours before sleeping that night, we were talking to our friend about the effects of praising God in difficult and trying time. In the midst of that murderous pain, it was like I was taken into a different world. Actually yes, I can say that I was now in the spiritual realm and could see spiritual things. The first thing I saw was Satan crushed under my feet. I began to say to the Lord “Lord, every attempt of Satan to test me will be turned into a testimony for you and I will not let myself be silent”.

Sure enough within a few minutes I was back into the physical realm and saw victory over the pain. I was easily able to open and close my palm without any difficulty. I was rejoicing. Sylvia awoke and I told her what had happened. We were praising God.

Well just a few days back Sylvia herself went through a similar experience, while she was drawing the curtains of our large window, the heavy curtain rod got out of its place and fell on her right elbow, right onto the bone. I wasn’t too far away from her and rushed to see if she had hurt herself. She was silent and I could see it in her eyes, the pain that she was experiencing was brutal. I could see the bone of her elbow protruding very unnaturally. But soon she began praising Jesus because this was not from Him but from Satan and yet she was delivered from it because of what Jesus did 2000 years ago. I was thrilled to see her praising Jesus and I spoke to the pain in her elbow and commanded it to leave in Jesus name. Within a couple of minutes the look on her face changed completely. She was rejoicing because there wasn’t any pain. She asked me to add her testimony to mine so that Jesus be glorified through every attack of the enemy.

I hope this encourages you to trust the Lord even if the situation may be difficult. Through our walk with the Lord, we have learnt that He is so faithful that you can be assured that He is with you all the time, just remember to praise His name.

12 thoughts on “Crushing Satan under our feet

  1. I hate that you have the victory and that Christ hath defeated me and placed me as a trophy and footstool under your feet to be trampled upon!


                1. I am speaking in the spiritual sense. If I were to appear in the physical sense, you would surely trample me underfoot in that sense too.


                2. Well dear friendly Satan you are too honest about your spiritual position which does not fit in with Satan’s character. God bless you anyways!


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