Christ in me


I’m here just as I am to worship you
I’m here just as you have called me

Called to send me to your people
Called to preach the gospel to them

To speak in new tongues
To lay hands on the sick

That the sick be healed
That the dead be raised

For your kingdom to reign
For your love to be proclaimed

That God so loved the world
That He gave His only begotten son.

Whosoever shall believe will not perish
Whosoever shall believe will have eternal life

They might know what eternal life is
They might know the only true God and His son Jesus

How He bestowed His love upon us
How He calls us sons of God

So that we can love one another
So that we can live as one.

Herein lies the secret
Herein unfolds the mystery

He and me, now one flesh
He and me, now one Spirit

Christ who became our victory
Christ became our unity

No longer do I now thirst
No longer am I in want

It’s the life that I now live
It’s Christ who now dwells in me


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