My Hymn To Him


The Lord is my provider [Genesis 22:14]
There is nothing that I lack
He makes me ride
On the high places of the earth [Isaiah 58:14]

He brings upon me
Times of refreshing [Acts 3:19]
And my heart rejoices in Him
Because I trust His name [Psalms 33:21]

I thank my God
For He brings me victory
Through His Son Lord Jesus Christ [1 Corinthians 15:57]
For He is always with me
Even till the end of time [Matthew 28:20]

I am His and He is mine [Song of Songs 6:3]
For He has given me His Spirit
And He abides in me [1 John 3:24]
He laid down His life for me [1 John 3:16]
That I may live through Him [1 John 4:9]

And this is the confidence I have in Him
That He hears my daily prayer [1 John 5:14]
So that I reign in life
By the abundance of His grace
And His gift of righteousness [Romans 5:17]

For I am His beloved son
In whom He is well pleased [Mark 1:11]
And He has chosen me [John 15:19]
To destroy the work of the enemy [1 John 3:8]
And live to be more than a conqueror [Romans 8:37]


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