Thank You Lord for a splendid year!


There are so many reasons for me to be thankful on the last day of this year, that I just cannot list everyone of them. God has blessed Sylvia & me in our personal walk with Him, in our home, in our family, our finances, at my workplace, in all my work, with His mission in our lives, with our time, with our friends – old and new, in all our needs.

He is truly a faithful Father who gives good and perfect gifts [James 1:17] to His children. Our relationship with Him has only been improving day after day. His word is truly a spring of living water [John 7:38], which never lets us feel dry or thirsty.

Though the enemy is always trying to disrupt our lives and put obstacles in our paths, he is a defeated foe because Daddy God keeps crushing him under our feet [Romans 16:20].

God’s Love is perfect and anyone who has experienced His love will know it, It drives out all fear [1 John 4:18] so that we can march ahead confidently and boldly knowing His love reigns over the power of the enemy, His love protects us and it never fails [1 Corinthians 13:8].

God gave me a word at the end of the last year that I would witness some great things this year and truly enough, the year began with blessings at my workplace, my 3 hour travel to work daily was cut down to a 10 minute travel. I get to be at home for lunch everyday, what else could I ask for? I mentioned about having cleared all my bank debts in one of my previous posts. Boy it is a wonderful feeling. Health-wise I have experienced the Holy Spirit’s amazing work every time the enemy tried to attack me and I truly saw victory each time. I can proudly say I never once fell ill, not even a headache or a cold. God has blessed us with many material blessings too, which I find odd to even mention in comparison to the richness of my spirit and soul I received this year, but yes a new home and a new car without even asking for it.

The Lord’s love is extravagant and as Jesus said that if you know how to give good gifts to your children then how much more shall your Father give to you that ask [Luke 11:13 and Matthew 7:11]. Now this verse does refer to the giving of the Holy Spirit but I don’t think God limits this to just the Holy Spirit but also includes all that we need because He knows our needs before we can even ask [Matthew 6:8].

My heart is full of praise for the Lord because I know I could achieve nothing without Him, but because of Him all things are possible for those who believe [Mark 9:23]. I just want to extend my hands and give Daddy a big hug, like the time when I was longing for one and He reached out to me and gave me a hug I’ll never forget (Refer to my post – ‘The Day I blessed God).

Wish you all my friends a very bright and joyful new year filled with the abundance of the riches of Christ. Stay blessed!

[3 John 1:2] “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”



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