Great Is Thy Faithfulness


[1 Thessalonians 5:24] ’He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.’

It has been ages since my last post and no I’ve not been hibernating but rather quite busy with lots and lots of things happening in my life. But if you recall in one of my previous posts I was talking about a major testimony that was to happen in my life and that’s what I want to talk about.

I intend to keep this post short and so will not be able to go through the details, but believe me, God does so many exciting things in my life that I could just keep going on and on about how wonderful and good He is to me. When I first moved into the city of Pune (where I live now) I did not come here out of my own desire but instead it was God who led me here (See my post An Intimate Relationship With God Part 1 – “Know that I am God” for my story). When I did come to this city, little did I know that I would be settling down here! I always thought maybe I’d work for some time and move back to my hometown. But it wasn’t even a year later when I realized that I began to like this city more than my own hometown. So I decided that I needed to stop renting out an apartment and buy one instead. I did just that and I saw God’s hand in the deal that I got, Satan tried to snatch it from my hands but God wouldn’t let that happen. I remember the wonderful sensation Sylvia and I experienced and I will never forget that day as we finished praying we felt so good and light, that I almost felt like I was going to float in the air. Don’t know how that might sound to you but it’s something I will always treasure in my heart.

Now I had to go in for a mortgage to buy that apartment because of the financial strain we had just been through as I mentioned in my story. Everything worked out fine and we were able to smoothly shift into our new home. At that time, well, I was working in the I.T. industry and the mortgage wasn’t an issue. God had blessed me with a wonderful job. However if you have been following up with my story, I left the corporate world and now work with an NGO according to the direction God has been giving me. So this was my no. 1 question to God when He asked me to leave my job and take up this new work. I said to God “God I would love to be doing your work, but I do not want to be under any financial pressure and right now I do have a mortgage to be settled and it’s beyond me at this point to have it cleared”. So the Lord said to me “I will take care of that for you, you just do what I tell you”. Having being comforted by His word, I never again worried or even thought about it again. I mean I literally forgot about it and as I quit my corporate job and went to Bible College and spent nearly 2 years without any income, the one thing that was steady was the monthly deduction of my mortgage payments that swallowed up all of my savings and it was gradually reduced to almost nothing in that period of time.

Then I took up the job with IIDA where I am currently working and I began to focus on my work. One day as we were praising and thanking God for how He’s been taking us through all our situations and it was Sylvia who brought up the matter about our mortgage. It was then like I woke up and realized we’ve been having this mortgage for ages we’re not even 1/4th through it. It seemed to me like it was going to take forever to clear this thing out. Then I asked the Lord, I said “Lord You said not to worry about finance and although I’m not worried because I see you taking me through everything, but I certainly do not want this mortgage going on for ages. Would you take this out of my way please?” No sooner did I make this pray within days the Lord did some wonderful things which I’d love to talk about in detail but I’ll just have to say that He made a clean way for us to receive from His riches (I say ‘clean way’ because of the corruption involved in everything in my country that any means of obtaining finance is looked at suspiciously). But praise God, He saw to it that we received and we did receive from His abundance. Not only did it take care of the mortgage but it enabled us to take up a new apartment in Pune without the need of another mortgage. This might sound unbelievable but nothing is impossible for our God. We have dedicated this new place as a testimony of God’s work in our lives and as we await the completion of this place, it will always remind us of how faithful He has been and will always be.

So I want this post to testify of His awesome faithfulness, that no matter what may be the situation in your life, when God has given you a word, you can bet without a doubt that He’s going to be faithful to it and He will bring it to pass. [Isaiah 55:11] ‘So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.’

It feels awkward for me to summarize what’s been happening in the last six months of my life in just a few lines but believe me, there’s so much that has happened and I will have to share the rest of my testimonies on other posts which I will do in the coming weeks (I hope I get the time to do so). I am not out of my busy schedule but I do want to share what God’s been doing through us with all of you.

Right now I’ll leave you with this update. My organization (IIDA) needs sponsorship and the kind people who have been sponsoring us until now are no longer able to do so. I trust God will take care of the situation. The old me would be worried and would feel very uncomfortable with uncertainty, but the ‘new’ me has confidence in God that He will provide for His children who work in this organization and for those whom He called me to work for. Till my next post Stay blessed !

[Lamentations 3:22-24] ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.’


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