Understanding His Kingdom – Part 5

my grace is sufficient

After having understood the importance of making use of our faith in the kingdom of God and learning that God wants you to be a blessing to others so that you can share and spread the good news about the kingdom, we now come to an interesting principle of God’s kingdom.

Some years ago if I had to hear what I write today, I would be sceptical and not so open to this principle. However, some of the things that God has revealed to me are so fabulous yet at the same time very difficult for me to put it into plain words. I know I’m not in a position today to reveal all those things in human language as I can sense these truths in my spirit yet unable to express them but surely in a matter of time I would be able to do that. Maybe the last couple of sentences I just wrote might not have made sense to you, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll try as much to keep this as simple as I can and it is really simple because that’s the essence of God’s kingdom i.e. the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world but the wisdom of men is foolishness to Him [1 Corinthians 1:25, 3:19].

What if I told you that life ought to be simple and not complicated? That many things that happen today are unnecessary distractions of the enemy to delay the things of God from coming to you. This would not be hard to understand. But if I said to you that with lesser effort you can achieve greater things, you might question me on this. You may say, does that mean the more effort I put into working in God’s kingdom the lesser I’ll achieve? Is my effort waste?  Will a lazy man achieve more in God’s kingdom? Are you promoting laziness? No I’m not saying all that.

Right from the Old Testament you will see God working according to this principle, Moses knew his calling from God but thought that he would achieve God’s purpose using his position in Egypt. He soon learnt that it had to happen God’s way and had to unlearn a lot of things he learnt in Egypt. Then God, through amazing miracles and wonders, using Moses, led Israel out of Egypt. Gideon was chosen by God to lead Israel against their enemies, though he was afraid initially and only considered himself as the least of the weakest clan of Manasseh, but later God strengthened him and he was willing to lead the Israelites against the enemies, however, he probably might have got a little too excited and gathered around 32,000 men to fight. God made Gideon to send back 31,700 men so that he was left with only 300. How nice it would have been if the movie ‘300’ were about Gideon and his 300 against the enemies of Israel. While the Philistines gathered in battle against Israel, their champion Goliath who was a giant (at least nine feet tall) began intimidating the Israeli army and challenged them to a duel. None of the mighty soldiers of Israel were brave enough to fight Goliath but David, a mere shepherd, took a staff, a sling and a few stones went against this mighty giant who had a bronze helmet, a coat of mail, a bronze armor on his legs, a bronze javelin with an iron spearhead and a sword. Excluding his own weight he was carrying at least 150 pounds in armor and weapons. Yet David with a mere sling defeated Goliath and used Goliath’s sword to cut off his head. You might notice God doesn’t need the strength of man to accomplish His will, he only needs man’s will to be in accordance to His will and great and mighty things can happen.

What does this mean to us post the New Testament era? Well, Jesus has done all that was needed in the battle against sin. He has already defeated Satan, which is why He is now seated at the right hand of the Father. It is very important to understand Jesus’ victory. You cannot separate yourself from this victory that Jesus earned and credited to us. We are part of this victory. Unless you get this you will constantly be fighting your own battles against Satan, which is what he wants – to keep you busy from doing God’s work. If you truly believe Jesus won your battle against Satan, you won’t be fighting against him and instead would be free to do what Jesus wants you to do. God’s grace is available to all of us. His grace is overwhelming and it is what we need. Without it we cannot survive, because without it we would be left to living our lives on our own strength which will not take us too far. But when we are open to God’s grace we can receive it and access it through our faith.

What do we do when we receive it? God’s grace is like a river. God once gave me a picture of a person swimming in a river, initially the vision (i.e. the picture that I could see) was just this man who was swimming hard and fast. Later this picture had zoomed out and I could see him swimming in this great river, yet the man was getting nowhere. His position was the same; I noticed he was swimming against the flow of the river. Then God spoke to him and told him to turn around and he turned around. Now as he began swimming with the flow, he made good progress. Then the Lord told me that many of His chosen people are like this man who was swimming against the flow of the river and even though their hearts are for God they were not getting anywhere because of self-effort, but if they only learn to listen with their spiritual ears then they would hear my voice and then they would be able to do so much more for the kingdom.

Working for God does not include a difficult life, well, at least for those who hear the voice of God daily. But when we become insensitive to the Holy Spirit, we fail to take the steps he wants us to take and do things our way. I have my own testimonies of going through life with difficulties, stress, too many frequent illnesses and problems that were robbing my peace and joy in spite of giving my heart to God. Then when I understood what God taught me, I began to apply it in my life and that’s when I began to see how it started working. Things began falling into place for me. Whereas earlier I used to struggle to get things done, now I see that it is not a struggle. I’m not saying that problems don’t creep in or that I am immune to sicknesses or that I am just experiencing an immortal, hindrance-free life. No all these things do present themselves and yes I am a mortal, but I do not have to bow down to these things, because I know that Jesus loves me and He gave His life for me to have a life of abundance. Whereas I used to visit the doctor every couple of months earlier, I haven’t had to undergo any medical treatment or take medicines for more than 3 years now. This was unimaginable for me if you would have known my medical history, simply in the world’s eyes – impossible. I was literally tired and fed up of pills and doctor’s visits and the number of time I’ve been in accidents etc. but today my Lord has been revealing to me about living my life in accordance to His word and thereby having an abundance of life. If you keep posted on my blog, very soon I would be sharing a couple of major testimonies and they are going to be BIG, major testimonies.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because I want you to have a hunger for this abundant life, it was promised by Jesus but it does not happen automatically. You need to live by every word that proceeds from His mouth [Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4], you need to make decisions, maybe major ones where you’ll be going against all odds and trusting God. The world may laugh at you but you will have to stick to those decisions. Just as the world may be laughing at me, for leaving a high paying, successful and glittering career to working for the under-privileged of the society. But I will tell you it’s worth it and maybe more than what you think. When God is with you and for you, then who can be against you [Romans 8:31]. Yes it is possible to experience this life, you need to live it by faith because His word says that the just live by faith [Habakkuk 2:4] and not visit there on holidays. When you do this, you will be flowing in the grace of God just like the picture God gave me when the man swimming in the river turned around and swam he really got going. What takes man ages to do, God can do it in seconds if you are flowing in His grace. Conversely what God can do with you in seconds can take ages for you if you are going against the flow of god’s grace.

I leave you with an often misunderstood verse – [2 Corinthians 12:9 – NIV] “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.” This means on my own strength I’m weak, but God’s grace is sufficient in that weakness of mine. God is not saying make yourself weak by choosing to go through the difficulties of life and then my grace is sufficient, but that we are already weak and are in need of His grace. Hope you see the difference. Be blessed!


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