The day I blessed God

bless the lord

[Psalms 103:1 – KJV] “Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name.”

Before the time I was born again I hadn’t even heard of the phrase “bless the Lord”. But once I encountered Jesus, I became hungry for God and it has been a long and slow journey but it has been worth the wait to now have such an intimate relationship with my creator. After my encounter with the Lord when I did come across this phrase I was taken aback. I felt offended because whenever I read the word of God I made it personal to me and when I did that with this phrase I felt something was terribly wrong. At that moment I thought “How could I such a miserable and faulty human being bless the Lord, God, the perfect and holy creator of the universe”. It sounded insane. It sounded like blasphemy to my ears. Of course I was unaware of the righteousness of God and things like how the Spirit of God has cleansed us etc. 

This was before the time I went to Bible School where I could gain such understanding and so my mind couldn’t grasp this sentence and began to talk and discuss about this, I heard several people’s views but still felt dissatisfied and unworthy to bless God. After all it should always be that the greater should bless the smaller and I simply couldn’t comprehend myself as greater than God. Therefore no kind of explanation seemed to satisfy me.

One day I was spending some time with my lovely nieces who had come over to our house to spend a few days. I love children so much, so just to make them happy I planned to spend the whole day with them. We had a good time throughout the day, games, songs, dances, drawing, puzzles and stories. By the end of the day we had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, the little one then before bidding me good night said to me in her most innocent voice “I really had a good time with you and I wish I could spend everyday like this with you. I wish you could stay with us in our home forever.” That just melted my heart right there. I bid her good night and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It brought me such warmth in my heart that I felt that I could just wake up the next day and repeat what we did today and maybe do that again the next day and so on.

The Lord then reminded me of how the little child blessed my day with those kind and innocent words and instantly I got a revelation of what it means to bless God. You see, she did not have much that she could give to me to make me happy, but those sweet and innocent little words just stole my heart. Similarly our Daddy God does all kinds of things to encourage, support, help and love us that when we really begin to experience His love we can’t but just say “Thank You Daddy! I had such a wonderful time today. Looking forward to spending a wonderful time with You tomorrow too” These are words that can just bless God because no matter how much we try to give to God, our tithes, our efforts, our possessions, our best acts they are all pale in front of these words of faith which declare how loving our God is. Therefore when you praise the Lord with a true heart remember that you are blessing the Lord and He delights in You. I’m sure He must be saying “I would love to do those things to you all over again and make your day”.

A few months back when I attended a church conference in Dubai, I was pleased to see almost 500 people from 40 different nations at that conference. One of the mornings during prayer, we were gathered in the conference hall and praising and worshiping the Lord. There was a woman who began to sing in Swahili, others joined in the chorus, I didn’t understand a word, but I just closed my eyes and it sounded so very beautiful. I felt the embrace of God’s love upon me. I was ecstatic and began to kneel and bow down to the Lord unaware of the people around me. I so felt the love of God engulf me that I began to speak to the Lord. “Thank You Lord for this day. Thank You for enabling me to be present here. Hearing this Swahili song in praise of you just gives me a glimpse of heaven. I feel like I’m surrounded by angels who in chorus sing praises to you. I love You dear Lord. I love You with all my heart. I want to live all my life for You and for Your calling and purpose.” I said to myself,  “I wish I could just embrace the Lord or hug Him right now, but I know I can’t do that so I’ll just continue to enjoy the warm embrace of His love”.

Having spoken to the Lord, I opened my eyes and could see almost everyone was captivated by the song and each of us were having an intimate time with the Father. Moments later we began to pray in groups for one another and various other needs. I was in a group of 4 people, each of them wiser and older than me. One gentleman said to me “I feel the Lord telling me to say to you, ‘Continue to enjoy the sonship He has blessed you with’”. At the end of the prayer, a lady from our group of 4 called me aside and said to me “The Lord showed me something about you. He showed me that you are all sold out for the Lord and that you love Him very much. But here’s what the Lord said to me. He said to tell you that I am all out for you too and that I love you very dearly my son” And then she said to me, I feel like doing this and gave me a warm embrace, a hug that I’d been longing for from the Lord. Through that woman He reached out to me and gave me His loving embrace. I was just so blessed that moment that I cannot explain in words how it felt. Though I never knew these people before, the Lord chose to speak to me through them. I will always remember that ‘blessing the Lord blesses us ultimately’ and it’s like a chain reaction that never seems to end. I may not have the same emotions right now as I felt that day, but I can say for sure, neither has His love for me waxed a bit nor has my love for the Lord. It has only increased. Thank You Jesus.

[Psalms 34:1 – NRSV] “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”


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