(Thanks to Dona John and her friends).

This is a video (Please bear with the video quality) that depicts human tendency to look at ourselves in the flesh and remain unsatisfied with our identity. Idolizing external appearance and abilities, the focus remains on what is lacking in our flesh. However Christ’s redeeming work has perfected us in our spirit [Hebrews 10:14]. We are made complete and whole in our spirit; though our body and soul is still in need of perfection and that will happen when our Lord Jesus returns again. Until then we look into our perfected spirits where the Holy Spirit of God dwells and draw from the unending springs of living water.

So the next time you look into a mirror, apart from seeing the appearance of your physical body, remind yourself of your identity and who you are in the spirit. See (through your spiritual eyes) the work of Christ in you. God bless you!