Glorifying Jesus and the Father


This is a wonderful testimony to the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

 About a year ago I was approached by a friend who wanted to share the gospel to a poor family of four. The husband, a driver and the wife a domestic worker at my friend’s place were barely surviving in order to provide for themselves and their two school going children. The lady happened to steal a gold necklace from my friend’s house where she worked. When asked by my friend, she replied that she hadn’t done it. My friend and their family prayed for the truth to be revealed and that same night the lady had a dream in which she saw Jesus appear to her telling her to return the necklace. She was unable to sleep after that and was troubled about what my friend would say when they came to know that she lied. However she went over to my friend’s  house in the early morning and narrated everything that happened. My friend took the necklace from her and thanked her and prayed for her, gave her breakfast and some money and told her not to worry because she had done the right thing and that was more important to them.

 That’s how we happened to make our way to their slum dwelling. When we reached there we were welcomed into their humble abode consisting of just a tiny little room where the four of them lived. After an initial greeting and hospitality from them we were eager to share the gospel to them. But we were soon accompanied by a few more people. Turned out that the man’s brother and his family lived in the neighboring house and their parents too lived adjoining them. Soon the house was full and we were about 17 of us in that tiny little room.

 My friend began sharing about God’s amazing love for us and they were all ears. I added and spoke about Jesus the Son of God his sacrifice on the cross and the penalty He paid for our sins. At this instant we were interrupted by the man’s father, he seemed to be disinterested and he began to tell us about how he followed the teachings of a certain so-called (self-proclaimed) god-man (who in a few months time would be in prison for sexually assaulting a teenager). This went on for about nearly 5 minutes and I was thinking to myself, this has got to change, they have to understand who the living God is. In an instant the Holy Spirit prompted me to interrupt and ask for any prayer needs. I told them we believe in a God who is alive and He hears our prayers. He heals and if anyone needed healing then He would be more than willing to do so. One after the other each member of the family had a prayer request on their lips. One woman hadn’t had proper sleep for several months, another woman had pain in her hands and legs, the children mentioned that they had not fared so well in their exams and weren’t sure if they would make the grade. The father disclosed that he had a pain in his right side for a long time now and there was nothing that could heal it. The mother had worries about a cataract operation because of her age and also a stomach infection.

 We told them to just believe and began praying as we got to our knees. As we started praying in tongues they were probably amused by what they were hearing, but we continued. We began laying our hands on them and as we did that they began to witness the power of God, they were all touched by the presence of God. The woman whose hands and legs were paining felt an instant relief, the one who hadn’t slept well for months felt peace (she was actually on the floor slain by the Spirit and later we got to know that very day onward she was able to sleep peacefully at night). The mother’s stomach felt at ease (and later we learnt that her cataract operation went without any issues). The father’s pain in the right side was healed instantly and he was too shocked to express anything. He just confirmed the healing and in his excitement asked his grandchildren to go and fetch some refreshments for all of us (It was a hot and humid evening). Later on we also got to hear that the children got good results in their exams and made it to the next grade.

 The joy in the hearts of these people that day was indescribable. I felt like they were liberated from a prison. The father seemed to be opposing us at the beginning but the Lord turned a switch on in him and he began to be the greatest receiver of the grace and love of God. He requested us to visit them at least once every week. And this led to us sharing the gospel with this family.

 The most awesome moment for me was to see the joy in the hearts of these people when they began experiencing the power of God. They knew that we weren’t there just to talk them into a new religion, they had an encounter that changed them and all glory to God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit who worked this out so beautifully.

 [Mark 16:17-18 – NIV] “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”


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