Keeping Christ Crucified


For several years I thought of myself as a Christian. At least I thought I knew enough and having gone through various rituals that my denomination required, I was assured in my mind that I am a Christian. I only began to understand about Christ when He met my desperate needs, He truly saved me not just spiritually (which wasn’t what I was really seeking then) but also mentally, emotionally and physically (yeah, these were the things I was seeking).

That was just the beginning of my journey with Christ, I fell in love with Him and to this day I can thankfully say that my love for Him  not lost steam. In fact equipped with the knowledge of His word, I would say that now I am living a richer life. When I look back at who I was before my encounter with Christ, I begin to realize that I was never against God, never against the birth, death or resurrection of Jesus Christ. But now I do see one major flaw in my thinking and that is what I felt compelled to write about today.

For 364 days of the year I used to keep Christ crucified and have Him resurrected only on 1 day of the year as you rightly guessed, that was on Easter Sunday. The very next day after Easter Sunday, Christ would again be on the cross for me. I was unaware of the word of God, I mean I did attempt to read it, but my heart was never into it and save a few stories from the bible, I never really understood anything else. So my ignorance of God’s word was the reason why I was losing out on the many benefits of His word. I used to fall into the same rut time and again and not understand why God would not prevent me from falling into the rut.

Today the resurrection of Christ has a different meaning for me. I have recognized that Christ died for me on the cross taking my sins, my shame, my punishment, my sicknesses and my death on the cross and paid for it all. But more than that I realize the truth about His resurrection that He rose again on the third day completing His atonement for me and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. I had never ever understood what that meant before.

  • He is seated because He has accomplished all that He set out to do for me. (Did he not say it is finished!) [John 19:30].
  • He is seated because He fulfilled all that was prophesied concerning Him. [Luke 24:44].
  • He is seated because He made a public spectacle of principalities and powers against Him. [Colossians 2:15].
  • He is seated because He has fulfilled the promise He made to us His children. [Acts 13:33].
  • He has already seated me alongside Him in heaven [Ephesians 2:6].

I now have a better understanding of the finished work of Christ and this understanding has benefited me in my walk with the Lord. Now I must not bring Him back to the cross, because that would mean an undoing of what he has already done. I thank the Holy Spirit for revealing this to me and showing me the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection. I dare not keep Him any longer crucified on the cross.


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