What must I do?


Many people have this question in their mind “God what do you want me to do so that I could be pleasing to you?”. Not too long ago I was in this category of people that I talk about. I would go to the extent of believing people that said you need to pray these many times a day or get up early in the morning and talk to God to receive His wisdom quoting [Proverbs 8:17].

I did all that, read the bible dedicatedly and wrote down verses in chits of paper that I carried along all day and would keep popping them out of my pocket to remind myself of them. But in all this I did not please God nor was I pleased doing all this. Neither did all that I do benefit me, because I used to frequently have busy days at work and alongside those I would fit in all this that I did to please God. Maybe to some extent I may have pleased myself, but I can say this for sure it wasn’t helping me. The problems and issues I used to face earlier were continuing without any improvements, the struggles of life kept going on and on. I wish someone had told me then what I know now.

There wasn’t a doubt that I loved God but the problem was that I was putting emphasis on how much I could do for God. My focus was I, me, myself. What I need to do, How I obeyed, Where I went and to whom I spoke. Most people would fall in this struggle at some time in their life or another. But until you learn and get out of it you wouldn’t know how much of a trap it is in itself.

In [Mark 10:17 – NKJV] a rich man came to Jesus and asked “Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?”. Jesus knew that this man was self-centered and the problem with Him was his love for money, for [verse 22] says he had great possessions. He probably thought that He might be able to earn or purchase salvation on his own without the need of Jesus. I’m pretty sure he did not see Jesus as God, because his question to Jesus began with “Good teacher” and when Jesus said to him in [verse 17] that no one except God is good and to follow the commandments, he conveniently dropped the ‘good’ and replied to Jesus in [verse 20]“Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth.” I felt no different from the rich man except that I wasn’t rich materially.

When the people who followed Jesus seeing His sign of the multiplication of bread came  to Him, they asked Him a question [John 6:28 – NIV] “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus replied to them saying [John 6:29 – NIV] “The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.” When this verse came alive to me, I realized where I was going wrong and was quick to apologize to God for what wrong I was doing and asked God to help me put my focus on Jesus. As soon as my focus was Jesus, I began opening my heart fully to Him and receiving His love. His love, my friends , is infinite. I will never agree with anyone who says to me, ‘ I have had enough of His love, now I need to know what I have to do’, I say this because I thought in like manner before, but now that God has corrected me in my understanding, I have learnt that as my heart is flooded with His love, I begin to feel more compassionate towards people. Compassion is an essential ingredient in doing the works of God, if we try doing things without compassion, it will reflect in our actions, we will easily get annoyed and irritated when others do not respond in love.

So the foundation in being pleasing to God is to know that God is pleased when we believe in the one whom He sent – Jesus Christ. We can never receive enough of His love, because on the one hand side we receive unconditional love from God and on the other hand we receive hurt, rejection and persecution from men. So there always has to be a constant reception of God’s love in order to operate in His kingdom. The more our focus is set on Jesus the more equipped we are to love our brothers.

I hope that if there is anyone out there who is struggling the way I, this post may help you set your eyes on Jesus and receive from Him God’s unconditional love. God bless you.


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