Healed from the pain in my right palm


“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me” [Psalms 30:2 – NIV]

 One morning as I awoke, I felt this sharp pain in the middle of my palm. It really hurt me bad and the most surprising thing was that the night before as I lay down to sleep, there was absolutely no trace of pain anywhere in my body. I began to ponder over why would I suddenly awake with such a sharp pain and I could see no reason. I was nonplussed and decided to take my usual hot shower, as I kept my palm under the flow of hot water I felt relieved, in fact I felt quite good. Never before had keeping my palm under the flow of hot water felt this good. The sharpness of the pain had gone, although the pain still remained, but it didn’t hurt.

 By night I observed the pain had almost diminished and it wasn’t so bothersome anymore. With a sigh of relief I went off to sleep hoping that I would not have to be bothered about it anymore. The next morning as I woke up, there it was again, the acute and sharp pain was throbbing in my palm and it seemed just as bad as the previous morning. This time, however, I realized as I woke up, my right palm that had the pain was below my head as I had been sleeping. Now I never used to have the habit of sleeping with my palm below my head, however for some reason the last few weeks I just seemed to be naturally waking up in that posture. I began to wonder how I had picked up this habit or posture. Anyway, I got into the shower and the hot water trick did it again, I was much relieved from the pain. By the end of the day, the pain was almost gone, so I gathered that I need to consciously keep my right palm by my side to avoid waking up with it under my head. I did that and the next morning when I woke up, I was glad that my right hand was by my side and my palm was not under my head. However, I still had the same pain this morning, except that it wasn’t as sharp as the two previous days. I began reasoning again, would I have succumbed to my new habit in the middle of the night or would there be some other reason, although as far as I could remember I consciously tried keeping my hand by my side all through the night. Once again the hot shower soothed the pain and I felt good.

 As I went about my daily work I began to pay attention to the things I was doing with my right hand. Nothing was more repetitive than the following two actions:

  1. Driving my car with my right hand firmly at the top of the wheel (which meant my palm was in a clenched fist position with a tight grip) most of the time I was driving.
  2. Use of the mouse for very long hours because of my computer related job.

 Apart from the above 2 things, my new-found habit of sleeping with my palm under my head was another possible cause. I figured out it had to be one or more or all of the above that caused this condition. Now the more I began asking around and researching myself, the more evidence I was getting that the symptoms were of CTS (carpel tunnel syndrome), as the pain was soon beginning to extend up to the wrist. So I immediately tried giving my palm and wrist utmost care, by taking frequent breaks and using lesser pressure and lighter grip when using my right hand. On and off, I the pain began to ease and at times it would get back again.

 Now I would like to mention that this was during a stage of my life when I was seeking the Lord with all my heart and so spiritually though I did not know much, but I began having faith in God, I was already born again and had recently transformed from a non-believer-in-miracles to a believer, as I myself experienced God’s supernatural healing the moment I was born again. So I spoke to the Lord and told Him, “Lord I don’t want to go through this that I am experiencing. CTS or not, I do not wish to undergo a CTS surgery (as the indications were likely), in fact I do not even wish to visit the doctor and get a confirmation of my fears. Would you please heal me?”. I did not hear any audible voice, but I knew that I knew that God wanted me to see this healing.

 But by this time the pain started to grow to such an extent that I could no longer lift heavy objects, like even a thick bible was painful to lift with my right hand, because the pressure would fall onto my palm. In fact I could no longer bend my fingers so that my fingertips could touch the the center of my palm. It was awfully painful trying to do that. And for some time my mind was only focused on receiving the healing and all I could experience was pain in my palm. However I felt the Lord telling me to change my focus.

 There was a lot for me to learn about healing, so He didn’t want me to worry about that, instead He told me “Just seek me and I will take care of it”. I began to do just that, and as I was doing that I was flooded with God’s awesome love. I can say that this was the period when I truly fell in love with God and I began enjoying every moment of it. I felt so renewed like as if a whole lot of burden was removed from me. I felt light and free. I truly began to understand God’s Word from that day. I began to understand His love for me. I began to understand His gospel and why it was the good news. I began to rejoice with all my heart.

 In all this I had completely forgotten about the pain in my palm. It may have been a few months that I was going through this experience, this amazing honeymoon with God. And suddenly I realized there was no pain, absolutely none in my palm. I was totally healed. I cannot pick out a single day and say this was the day I stopped experiencing the pain. It just happened someday. I knew I could depend on the Lord and I knew God would heal me and I was so glad that I had faith in God and He remained faithful, CTS or no CTS, I did not even have to go for an examination to the doctor, let alone decide about a surgery. So great is my God. I was now able to bend my wrist freely without pain, I could let my fingertips touch my palm and there was no pain. I am simply in awe of my God who never ceases to gladden my heart.

 Not only do I now believe in miracles, but now I believe God is willing for us to experience healing, restoration, deliverance, good health, finances, you name it as long as we can depend on the Lord and make Him our focus and not the benefits. The benefits will be there, they will follow you wherever you go.


2 thoughts on “Healed from the pain in my right palm

  1. Hi Delon,
    I can very much relate with your experience. As I had similar pain in my left wrist which became a part of me for 18 yrs. I went to many doctors, each one giving different medications & treatment. I would cry out to God, kept chasing after any evangelist who’s into healing ministry to pray for a healing. I used to dread surgery. As I grew stronger in my walk with God and when I surrendered my life, my grief, my pain to HIM, the pain vanished. Didn’t know when it stopped paining. But I’m so thankful to God, that it doesn’t hurt me anymore if I have to lift any heavy objects, or when I ride a bike or when I have to carry my daughter. Its a wonderful miracle, which I keep sharing whenever I get the opportunity, like now 🙂 Thanks! God bless!


    1. hey Jenny thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      This healing is very special to me because it was the first one after I began believing in miracles and healing.
      There was one which took place (a severe back pain) even when I didn’t believe in healing and I’ve mentioned it in my post (Intimate Relationship with God – Know that I am God)


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