Transformation Is Needed (Part 2)

Friends, much of our Christian life is similar to what Pete was going through. He heard about a transformation of life, but was clueless and tried to find out from others. Likewise many of us too are seeking a change in our lives; but are led to suggestions and ideas from others that instead of getting us closer to our goal, we are actually left miserable and sick of life. Have you felt like this at any point in your life? When things were going good, but then you soon realize that you were deceived and you needed a change and then got desperate for it. Others may have given you suggestions but that only led to further frustration and disappointment. Had Pete not waited a couple more days and given up his life, he would not have witnessed one of the most amazing transformations of the natural world.

Likewise, most people and I should say, Christians; are constantly getting frustrated with Christian living and would like nothing to do with it. So they give up their hopes of such a transformation and live as if they have nothing to look forward to. Well, I can say that I too have had the same experience, and though I knew that life should be better as a Christian, I wasn’t experiencing anything different than anyone who was not a Christian. Yes I did know that God loves me, but apart from that I really could not see what advantage in this life as a Christian, I had over anyone who did not know God. However, God in his mercy revealed Himself to me and showed me that there is a wonderful life that He has in store for me and that I could avail of this beautiful life by just first getting to know what He has done for me.

In [Matthew 6:33] (NRSV), Jesus says “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” (Please read my article ‘The Kingdom of God’ to understand all about God’s kingdom), in this article I will talk about God’s righteousness. What was the context in which Jesus mentioned this? He was talking about us always worrying about our needs, but our Father God knows our every need and is just waiting to take care of all of them, all He needs is that we make Him our priority by seeking first his kingdom and also seeking His righteousness.


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