Do You Want To Be A Part Of The Kingdom (Part 6)

Jesus gave us clear indication that while we have the opportunity, let us make the best of it and turn to the Lord and be ready for His return, once He returns and no one knows the day or hour when that will happen, it will be too late to make a start. At that instant the good will be separated from the bad, the sheep from the goats [Matthew 25:32-33], who are the good and bad, sheep and goats? As I mentioned earlier, those who have heeded the voice of God and received a new birth in the spirit are the ones who will enter the kingdom of God. God will only look at the spirit and not the flesh, for God promised the Holy Spirit as our seal [Ephesians 1:13] until the day of redemption [Ephesians 4:30], and when He sees this seal in us, He will take us into His kingdom. At that moment, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” shall enter into the kingdom [Matthew 7:21]. But in fact, like the good seed that grew into the wheat crop and was collected into the barn and the good fish into vessels while the bad seed or tares that were collected and burned in fire and bad fish that were thrown away [Matthew 13:24-30,47-48], so it will be with the judgement of mankind. Yes, those who have accepted Jesus have escaped judgement, but those who reject Jesus have already brought judgement upon themselves [John 12:48].

Therefore the Lord has given us many examples in His parables and there always come opportunities in our lives to live them out but unless there is a conversion of heart and a new birth experience, there will never be a desire to live out this new life according to His Spirit. Jesus taught us to make use of this life that we may be the salt of the earth and light of the world that shines light to those who are in darkness [Matthew 5:13-16]. Unless we allow the Holy Spirit to make the Word of God alive in us we cannot bear good fruit [Matthew 7:16-20] and cause our talents [Matthew 25:14-30] or pounds [Luke 19:11-27] to multiply, the Word of God is freely given to all of us, but most are hesitant (or should we say lazy?) to use the Word of God to their advantage in this life. Most people run after riches so that they can have their hearts desires in this life, not realizing the promise of Jesus in [Matthew 6:33] to seek first God’s kingdom and He will provide for all our needs. Jesus said that it is difficult for those who put their trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God [Mark 10:24], riches by itself does not prevent a person from entering, but he who is a good steward of His riches is greatly welcomed [Luke 12:42-44].

I spoke earlier about how important it is for us to allow the Holy Spirit to make alive the Word of God in us and that how He activates the Word which is like a seed that gets sown in our hearts when we accept it. In fact Jesus mentions in the most important parable (the key to understanding all the other parables lies in this parable [Mark 4:13]) of the sower sowing the seed. [Mark 4:1-20], He says in [verse 14] that the seed is the Word and some people aren’t able to retain the Word in their hearts because Satan comes and takes it away; these are they who are without understanding because of their hardened hearts. Satan does not want the seed to germinate and grow, that means he does not want the Word of God to get into our hearts and take root. Some people receive the Word in their hearts but have no root in themselves, so when persecution comes along they abandon the Word. Some people who have received the Word in their heart are distracted by the cares of the world, lure of wealth and desire for other things which choke the Word. Only the ones sown on good ground which refers to an open and free heart to receive the Word and allow it to take root, these are the ones that will bear fruit thirty, sixty or hundredfold. No one is born with a heart that is of the fourth type bearing fruit thirty, sixty or hundredfold. But instead they go through all these four stages in their life and when they reach this fourth and final stage they start to bear fruit. I pray that you reach this stage and see for yourself.

[Matthew 11:12] NKJV says “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” This is true even today, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence because Satan is constantly after the Word, he does not want it to get into the hearts of people and take root in their lives. He is always pounding them with distractions, temptations and persecutions and will go to any extent to steal the Word. His kingdom still exists in the world, even though he has been stripped of the authority and power that he gained through the deception he put Adam and Eve into. The only power he has today is to use the same old trick of deceiving you into believing you do not have it all and need to get it for yourself, in order to attempt to cause the power of the blood of Christ to be of no effect. He made Adam and Eve believe they were not like God and that by eating the fruit they would become like Him. Many are falling into this same trap of his and live in poverty, depression, sickness, bondage, unhappiness and unforgiveness. But those who realize what the blood of Christ has achieved can live victorious lives in Christ. Therefore we too must remain violent in our attitude towards the seeds (i.e. Word of God) that are sown in our heart and not allow it to depart from our heart and mind and not let circumstances dictate our lives. Then only we will allow the kingdom of light to shine forth its light and as its light begins to shine, the darkness is automatically put out.


I invite you to be a part of the kingdom today and right now, there is never a transitional period or a partial entry. You are either in the kingdom of darkness or in the kingdom of light. If you are in the kingdom of light then the kingship of Jesus becomes evident in your life and the Father’s promised seal i.e. the Holy Spirit (with His fruits & gifts) will be visible in you. Many have ignorantly turned away from the kingdom of God because of religious traditions and beliefs, remember the Pharisees were too religious to accept Jesus as the Messiah and made the Word of God of no effect in their lives because of their tradition [Mark 7:13], Paul alerts the Colossians to be aware lest they be deceived by these traditions [Colossians 2:8]. And it is through deception that many even though they seek the kingdom of God will not find it [Luke 13:24]. My heart’s desire is to reach out to as many as possible with this message of the kingdom of God. Please feel free to circulate this message among your family and friends.



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