An Intimate Relationship With God 6 – Prayer And Faith

Prayer is often the most misunderstood and misused form of communicating with God. The greatest misconception about prayer is that people think that if we pray long enough or hard enough we can get God’s attention and make Him do something on our behalf or there are some others who think prayer can make them holier and closer to God and therefore God is moved to act on our behalf. While it is important to pray and communicate to God, the basic understanding of prayer is that we are having a conversation with God, it is a two way communication and not just one way, however not many see it this way.

The idea of prayer is not to ask God for our needs although this can be a part of our prayer, but prayer basically constitutes praise and thanksgiving. But here is a shocker “Prayer is essentially and more importantly receiving God’s love into our hearts” and when you really receive that love, you can’t but praise and thank God for His love, His promises and His sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Prayer cannot be restricted to just one hour a day, because by limiting prayer to one hour a day you are limiting your relationship with God. Imagine a man who limits his time spent with his wife to just one hour a day, what a sorry relationship he will have with his wife if he does that. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life and needs the topmost priority, how then can you restrict prayer to one hour? If God wants you to receive his love all through the day, it would be unwise to tell God that I’m available just for an hour. That does not mean that you need to close yourself in a room or spend all of your time in Church praying to God.

Prayer involves communication not from your mouth but from your heart. In other words, what you speak should not be vain repetitious sentences that you yourself don’t have interest in, but rather even the smallest sentence from your heart is like a million sentences to God, for God sees the heart and not our minds. When we talk about God to anyone; when we ask and answers questions on anything related to God; when we meditate on the Word of God; when we sing or listen to hymns and songs to God; when we think about God – How good he is, what he has done for us, how much he loves and cares for us, how much he wants to bless us; when we thank God for all He has done for us; these are instances of prayer. One other form of praying is through the Spirit, which is also known as the gift of tongues, which I spoke about in the previous topic. This is a very important and useful form of prayer, because when you pray using words you understand, you are limited by your human wisdom. Do you think you know more than God? I am certain that this is not the case, so it’s better to pray in tongues because then it is your spirit praying to God who is also Spirit [John 4:24]. Things that our human intellect cannot perceive are communicated with God when we pray in tongues. For those who do not have the gift of tongues, this is the most basic and common gift of the Holy Spirit and you can receive it when you desire it sincerely from your heart. Just ask a spirit filled Christian to pray for you to receive the gift, because the Father desires that you ask for it and receive it [Luke 11:13].


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