An Intimate Relationship With God 5 – His Will For Me

What is God’s will for me? How will I be able to find that out? How can I be certain that God will direct my steps in what I’m doing? These are some questions I had when I first had an experience of God in my life. No one could really give me a clear answer. The most common answer I would get was, to wait and watch and then I would eventually know, but this response was so uncertain that it never gave me any consolation. I knew I had to find out the answer myself and this was my prayer to God daily. Firstly I would ask God to reveal about Himself to me and secondly to reveal what was His will for me. I don’t say I have the answers to all my questions but at least I have started getting the answers.

Some people say that God speaks in signs and we ought to keep looking out for such as it is God communicating to us. I don’t believe this is true for most of us, yes God may indeed give a sign in a situation where it becomes necessary, but this doesn’t stand as a rule for everyone. Some say that they hear God’s voice audibly, while I do not deny that there may be supernatural experiences where people may hear a voice from God, but I’m pretty certain that it is not God’s regular way of communicating. Some people randomly open the bible to any page and point their finger to a verse and believe whatever is contained in it is God speaking to them, this is certainly untrue and has no biblical basis. Most people are looking for some physical manifestation like an audible voice or a visible sign. I believe the best way to hear from God is to be receptive to the Holy Spirit because we do not have to hear with our physical ears but with our spiritual ears. Once a person is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, it is the Holy Spirit that begins to drive our life but only if we allow Him to. Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us there is always a clash between our flesh and our spirit. The flesh (our senses) & soul (our mind) tells us one thing and the Holy Spirit tells us another, it is up to us to decide who we will yield to. When we begin to yield to the spirit, we are allowing God to work in our life and also become sensitive to the Spirit. It is this sensitivity to the Spirit that enables us to know what God wants to tell us. This is how we hear God talking to us.

Let me try to explain it this way : Imagine yourself reading a book, as you read you are also listening to yourself and obtaining information, now it would take you some time to read the book, let’s say it takes 5 minutes to read a page of the book. This means that after 5 minutes of listening to yourself you will know the contents of that page. However when God is communicating to us, he doesn’t need 5 minutes to communicate a message that would be a page long. He just puts it into our spirit like in a flash of a moment and it is all there within us. At this point we know that God has spoken to us, we just know that we know that we heard from God, not by our physical ears, but we then slowly start to decipher what He has put into our spirit and that can take some time, this is because we are allowing our mind to understand what has been given to us in the spirit, just like a data transfer that is happening between our spirit and our mind.

But how does this all start? As I mentioned, the key to all this is our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, now you will ask “how do I make myself sensitive to the Holy Spirit?” The only way to do that is to believe the Word of God: everything that Jesus said about Himself and the Holy Spirit and be willing to subject your intellect to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Peter said in [2 Peter 1:19-21] that the Word of God is a sure word which throws light in places of darkness. Paul said in [1 Thessalonians 2:13] that the Word of God effectively works in us when we receive it as the Word of God and not as the word of men.

In addition, the gift of tongues is an important gift of the Holy Spirit which defies human intellect, but this is the most useful gift in getting to where you want to be with God. Praying in the gift of tongues helps us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. When we pray in the gift of tongues, we speak the mysteries of God [1 Corinthians 14:2]. We may instantly receive a revelation or have an understanding of His mysteries at a later point in time; in any case we are edified [1 Corinthians 14:4].

Once we are able to know what God speaks to us in our spirit, we gradually get to know His will in our lives, obviously no one would think of going against God’s will in their lifetime, but it is only our continued sensitivity to His Spirit that can caution us whenever we are about to take steps that are against His will and so it is ultimately His Spirit that guides our life and provides correction to our path. Just like a rocket that is fired from the earth to reach its destination (like the moon); it constantly corrects its path so that it reaches its destination, so also the Holy Spirit constantly corrects our path so that we walk the narrow way and do no stray onto the broad way [Matthew 7:13-14]. I hope I could bring some clarity on how to find out what is God’s will in your life.

  • It is God’s will to shower His blessings upon your head [Proverbs 10:6]
  • It is God’s will to supply all your needs according to His riches [Philippians 4:19]
  • It is God’s will to give you a hope and future of peace [Jeremiah 29:11]
  • It is God’s will to give you an abundant life [John 10:10]
  • It is God’s will for you to be healed [Matthew 8:3]

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