The New Covenant (Part 3)

The time for a New Covenant

Animal sacrifices could only free offenders from their past sins, so there was a continual need for sacrifices to be offered so that sins could also be continually forgiven [Hebrews 10:1-4].

The Law only magnified Sin but never brought freedom to people from the slavery of Sin. All men under the Law could only see Death as its reward because no one could keep the law in its entirety [Romans 7:9-10].

Israel was under the burden of the Law and under the bondage of Sin because there was not a single man who could keep the Law. As we saw above, they were continually under the curse of the Law. Whereas God desired that Israel should always receive his blessings, however Israel found no way to come out of the curses.

At the onset of the birth of Jesus Christ, there was a clear need for the people of God that He would establish His New Covenant with them. However God was not only thinking about Israel but also of the Gentiles. As Israel rejected their God time and again, God’s mercy and grace was due to all His people over the face of the earth.

The New Covenant:

Why did God send His Son on earth?

The Old Covenant was between God and Israel so that the Israelites could be a light to the world; however they failed in being a light themselves, thus the Old Covenant became faulty, making place for a new one. At this stage, for the rest of mankind to know God, they would have to come under the curse of the Law.

God had the following purposes in establishing His New Covenant.

  • To provide a WAY out, firstly for Israel and then all of the rest of mankind from the curse of the law.
  • For all mankind to partake of the TRUTH of the New Covenant that God was to establish with His people. The truth that would set them free.
  • To restore LIFE (eternal life and authority i.e. dominion on earth – given to Satan) back to mankind.

God had to provide the Way, the Truth and the Life to mankind. This could not be achieved by any man since all of mankind is charged with original sin and no man can be justified by the law [Romans 3:20]. Thus it had to be God who would have to come in the form of flesh (because God is Spirit [John 4:24]).

The Word of God

By His Word that He spoke through His prophets, the coming of Jesus the Messiah was evident in order to restore His kingdom. Jesus had to be born of a virgin as prophesied [Isaiah 7:14], so that He would be free from original sin, thus the Word became flesh [John 1:14], when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Virgin Mary [Luke 1:35]. Yes, Jesus is the Word of God that became man so that we could identify with Him and so that God’s plan to restore us could be fulfilled. Jesus did not come into existence when He became man, but He was already a spirit and existed before the creation of the world and it was He who created the universe and life on earth. God became man through His Word, which is why we refer to Jesus as the living Word of God.

Now Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary, who were both from the lineage of David, but Joseph’s lineage lists Jeconiah (also called Coniah) [Matthew 1:11-12], who was cursed that none of his descendants would ever be a king [Jeremiah 22:28-30], indicating that Jesus came not from the seed of Joseph rather He was of the seed of God the Father Himself. This is important in understanding the Blood of the New Covenant explained further ahead. But for now we understand that Jesus is the seed of God the Father.

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan but also at the same instant, filled with the Holy Spirit [Matthew 3:16]and thus he went about doing the will of His Father. He preached the good news that the kingdom of God is at hand [Matthew 4:17]. (At hand because his redemptive work on the cross was yet to be accomplished). Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God to earth, however this was not a physical kingdom where we eat & drink, but rather a kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy [Romans 14:17]. With this kingdom came the gift of eternal life to all who believe in Jesus [John 3:15]. Now eternal life is not a life after our death on earth, but it begins right away on earth by the knowing of God and His Son Jesus Christ [John 17:3].

  • God is Spirit and must be worshiped in spirit & truth [John 4:24].
  • Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE [John 14:6].

Thus Jesus is the fullness of the revelation of God [Colossians 2:9]. The Father gave all judgement to Jesus [John 5:22], but the death of Jesus paid for the judgement of all mankind i.e. Jesus drew all judgement unto Himself [John 12:32] on the cross. Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law [Matthew 5:17]; for the Law could not pass away until it was all fulfilled [Matthew 5:18]. At the Cross, when Jesus said “It is finished” [John 19:30]; all of the law was indeed fulfilled and ready to pass away and usher in the New Covenant with the message of the gospel – the Good News – which is the power of God to salvation for all of mankind, whoever believes in Jesus Christ [Romans 1:16].


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