Eternal Life (Part 7)

What is eternal life?

We are very familiar with the verse [John 3:16] “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever shall believe in Him shall not die but have eternal life”. However most of us think of eternal life as life after our death or life in Heaven. While it is true that eternal life will exist in Heaven and after our death, however it does not have to begin there, but it begins right here, now, on earth. God wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him and knowing Him becomes the primary focus for our relationship with Him.

  • And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent [John 17:3].

Once you get to know the Father and the Son intimately, the surpassing joy and glory of God cannot be hidden inside of us and we desire to have a better and stronger relationship with God. This joy is noticeable to everyone around you. Have you ever wondered why some Christians just appear so different as if they are not from this world? Even though there may be difficulties and hardships around, they don’t seem to be bothered. This is the power of the divine life flowing from the spirit within us. This is the kind of life God desires us to live. Not a defeated, depressed life of struggle and sorrow, but a life of victory overcoming the world through faith in Jesus [1 John 5:4].

God is good … all the time?

Now that we have seen how God saved us from our sins and has already forgiven us, redeemed us, made us righteous, sanctified us, justified us and granted us eternal life, can we not see how good God is? Indeed God is always good and His goodness is not a part of Him but ‘Good’ is what God is and God cannot be separated from ‘Good’ and especially now that we happen to be part of the New Covenant, there is nothing other than His goodness that He has made available to us. In the Old Covenant God could not violate the Word of His Covenant and so people who could not keep the law or whose hearts were not towards God had to face the consequences of disobedience and encounter curses instead of blessings, but now all that has passed and all that God has provided for us are His blessings. What is our part? Just to believe in His grace and by faith receive all of it and partake of His gift of eternal life.

God desires that each of us, His creation, have a beautiful and intimate relationship with Him. For this He sacrificed His Son, so that we could have a way to come before Him [John 14:6]. When we come before Him, He sees the spirit of Christ in us and is pleased with us, just as He is pleased with Jesus. In His eyes we are His sons & daughters, the gem of His creation.  He has restored back all authority to us and now wants us to use that authority to enjoy eternal life [John 17:2] and have communion with Him and all our brothers and sisters. This is possible for us only if we allow ourselves to establish that relationship with Him by first accepting Christ in our lives and then by living our lives by walking in His Spirit.


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